The idea

Beirut is a city of many colors. When they mix, the possibilities are endless. Beirut encompasses a wide range of communities. When they come together, they are a force to be reckoned with. It is this plurality of identities that has made Beirut enticing yet impalpable, confident but never complacent. The tenacity and globally-felt impact of its artists, curators, intellectuals and patrons are proof.

Despite the lack of major governmental support, its distinct cultural organizations continue to provide a critical platform for art practice and scholarship, both locally and beyond. With such diverse social and cultural constituents, Beirut imparts an infinite number of narratives that mirror the opportunities, as well as the challenges, that have always defined its character. Today, a resilient idea has finally begun to take concrete form as “A MUSEUM IS IN THE MAKING”.

Through critical engagement with current discourse surrounding the relevance and function of museums today, the idea is to create an inclusive non-profit space where people from different walks of life within our society can converge. Building on a range of interdisciplinary activities, in tandem with existing arts organizations, the idea is to establish a stimulating platform where encounter with the arts enhances our understanding of each other and the complexity of our community.

With a locally-oriented yet internationally-informed program, carried through a customized participatory model, the idea is to build a thriving museum that, beyond addressing the history and criticism of art, will draw on its agency in stimulating social change, and enhance our perception of the past as we look towards a shared future.